As a part of research center activities, on January 24th, 2019, the coordinator of engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Hassan Hassoon presented a presentation for a group of the assistant researchers under the title of (An Empirical Exposures and Findings Related to the Local Architecture of Kurdistan Region).

The project has been abstracted as the following:

The drastic increase in population, the utilization of technologies, the economic development and the influence of architectural arts within the vicinity of a selected region all are leading to the disappearance, existence of architectural heritage. With time, the preservation of identity, roots reference are becoming vital. It is in no way, architecture and art cannot be separated from the influence of internal and external factors that are taking place such as wars, environmental changes, people migration and of course the change in living style. In this paper, authors have deeply dug in the available of architectural landmarks and locations to revive such heritage within the targeted locality Kurdistan Region.