On February 5th, 2019, Asst. Prof. Dr. Azeez Abdullah Barzinjy presented a seminar under the title of Water Purification Using Green Synthesis Nanoparticles.

The presentation was attractive and fruitful, the research center director and coordinators evaluated the seminar as a good project and have been approved.


Even though water is a vital part of life, in developing countries, some communities are still mainly reliant on the usage of water from open sources such as rivers, streams and dams. Often times this water is not clean and safe for drinking as it is infected by bacteria. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that just about a million people die each year in developing countries, as a result of lack of clean drinking water. Numerous old-style purifiers such as chlorination, ozonation and UV radiation are effective at purifying bacteria unclean water to preferred levels. Nevertheless, some of these approaches are often time-consuming, expensive and yield damaging disinfection by products or even require that a subordinate treatment be used. For instance, chlorination is undoubtedly the simplest cleaning technique used.