Scientific & Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Research Center for Engineering Studies empowers a diverse and creative learning environment that will provide lecturers and students with the necessary knowledge and skills to create new technologies and services that will improve tomorrow’s economy and environment. In the Center for Engineering Studies, there is a strong emphasis placed on research. This research center gives lecturers and students a chance to interact with industry professionals.


Scientific and Engineering Research Center in Tishk International University depends on an integrated vision of the recruitment of scientific laboratories and facilities in the implementation of multiple engineering research disciplines and to use developments in the engineering science and technology to satisfy at the local, regional and international requirements. Moreover, it provides a platform for cooperation and sharing of available resources in order to maximize the opportunities available at the university in the fields of engineering, research and innovation, and knowledge sharing. Supporting the promotion of research to provide academic and administrative services and facilities necessary to facilitate research excellence and knowledge transfer.


To enlarge the output results and benefits of scientific research achieved at the university through the scientific interaction of basic knowledge and developed research to reach at an optimum stage of advanced research outputs to all potential Beneficiaries.

The Engineering Research Center aims to provide technical contributions (such as engineering consultancy, technical services, research and development activities and the activities of continuing education) for many local and international industrial enterprises as well as the Iraqis’ authorities and ministries. The mission also extends to monitor the progress of the research and the programs and projects of the university and make appropriate recommendations and to identify priority areas of research at the specific and advanced level in line with the regional, national and international areas of research, including research needs of university. Furthermore, the opportunities are prepared for students to develop their research capabilities by directing them to do research in wide range of approaches and topics and under the supervision of professors with high level of expertise in various fields.

The Center seeks to provide the services mentioned above in the following areas of engineering:

  • Structural Engineering, Design and Constructions
  • Hydraulic Structures, Design and Construction
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Concrete and Building Materials
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Hardware and Software Services
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • MEP, Service Design
  • Surveying Engineering


The labs listed below are in the service of SERC in providing the related engineering lab. Testing for the most of civil engineering projects including Structural, Materials, Hydraulics, Geotechnical, Surveying, Engineering testing.

Moreover, Computer labs are fully equipped and available to provide computer and IT services.

  • Construction Lab
  • Soil Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Transportation Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Computer Labs

Engineering Research Center Department Head and Members

  • Prof. Dr. Thamir Mohammed Ahmed/ Head
  • Hafeth Yahaya/ PhD/ Archticture Department/ Member
  • Omer Mohiee/ PhD/ Civil Engineering Department/ Member
  • Musa A. Ameen/ MSc/ Computer Engineering Department/ Member
  • Eman Lafta/ MSc/ Civil Engineering Department/ Member
  • Mohammed Tariq/ MSc/ Civil Engineering Department/ Member
  • Cemil Akdeniz/ MSc/ Civil Engineering Department/ Member
  • Bilal Ahmed/ MSc/ Computer Engineering